Monday, October 10, 2011

So hard to say goodbye!

We were so thrilled to find out that our local mortuary, hospital and cemetery have all teamed up to offer the families that have lost babies, a special place to mourn. It is called the Garden of the Gods.

It was really hard on the whole family, but especially for Rhett and McKenna who don't fully understand things yet. They remind me daily that they miss Kyler and are sad. :( It is extremely helpful to be able to take them here and for them to know that he is in this beautiful garden, but that he is also with Heavenly Father.

It was a hard day, but on the one month anniversary, we went as a family to say another goodbye. Issac said a beautiful prayer and we each released a baby blue balloon into the air and watched as they each drifted higher and higher until they were out of sight. The kids swear that they made it all the way to heaven and that Kyler collected them all. I love the innocence of my children.

Goodbye Sweet Kyler!

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